Asda shoppers applaud the ‘hidden message’ on badges for delivery drivers


Asda shoppers have applauded a new campaign encouraging people to talk to each other more.

From today, the supermarket chain’s delivery drivers can wear badges with a hidden message.

The badges read “Happy to Chat”, meaning that if customers want, they can enjoy a conversation with any worker wearing one.

The initiative has been launched as part of Asda’s new “Delivering Christmas Kindness” campaign.

The initiative aims to tackle loneliness in the UK in the run-up to Christmas.

Asda says that 7,500 of its delivery drivers will now have the option to wear one of the “Happy to Chat” badges.

It is not compulsory for workers to wear the badges, meaning that anyone wearing one has chosen to do so and is happy to take some time to talk to customers.

The campaign, which launched today, has already been praised by shoppers, with some calling it “amazing” and “brilliant”.

Asda’s chief customer officer, Anna-Maree Shaw, said: “It’s a challenging time for everyone, especially those experiencing loneliness.

“While Asda colleagues have always made an effort to have a quick chat and raise a smile, we want to make sure that whether it’s in our stores, at the doorstep or in the community – we’re here for customers this Christmas.”

Sam Ward, deputy chief executive and director of services at the RVS, added: “Royal Voluntary Service is incredibly proud to be part of such a wonderful initiative alongside Asda.

“We all understand that Christmas can be difficult for those who are on their own and that this year stands to be trickier than ever.

“With the help of this fantastic project, it shows that even just a little Christmas kindness will go a long way in making the festive season easier for those in need.”